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John Barrowman & Scott Gill || “DragonCon” Atlanta (2012, Sept 1) (xx)

(via torchwood4fans)


Artwork John Barrowman used to troll campaign for votes in the Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament while hosting Attack of the Show on G4
Okay so re-watching Delovley last night for the umteenth millionth time reminded me to FINALLY do this. So there is Barrowman, in the cole porter area….. playing  guy named Jack, who clearly likes men since he hooks up with cole porter. 

I dunno about anyone else, but this screams fanfic prompt to me. One of the only things I can thinks is; this is one escapade that Ianto would have approved of.

more of those handsome, handsome doctors - and jack, too!

Find the rest of this photoshoot here!

The Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Jack Harkness

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